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Friday, July 3, 2015

Driving to Banff

I know I gave you pictures of Lake Louise yesterday, but I convinced RJ we should go back "just for a minute".    Yesterday was overcast with drizzle while today has the beautiful clouds in the sky.

We are on the road again taking a leisurely drive to Banff.        At this pull out I started talking to another person with a camera.     He said this is a well known photo spot for pictures of freight trains. You can see the tracks below.

He was monitoring a CB for train  talk, but I don't think he really understood what they were saying.    He kept saying lots of trains go through here.     He mentioned one day he waited five hours, though.  

Finally, we see something coming, but it turns out to be a repair truck on the tracks.

It's now been about an hour and I finally give up.    No train pictures for me today.

We stopped at Johnston Canyon to hike back and see the waterfall (yes, another waterfall).     The hike followed a very pretty stream,, but it was wall to wall people.    We really haven't experienced this type of crowd on our drives, but tomorrow is Canada Day so there are a lot of people spending the holiday in Banff which is only a few miles away.

Tomorrow we will explore Banff.      I'm anxious to see what this area has to offer.


  1. Very pretty - loving this adventure of yours.

  2. Wow such gorgeous water and skies. Thank RJ for us too for letting you have some more photo time!