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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Grizzly takes center stage

We came across this Grizzly on the side of the road eating.     I snapped a bunch of photos and then he decided to cross the road.    

This is my favorite photo........        

I was on the edge of the road, against the guard rail.      I had the passenger door open and was shooting with the camera on the door.     If the bear moved toward me at all, I just had to sit down and slam the door.       I did not use a long lens for any of these shots.

I took a total of 637 shots in 25/30 minutes.     Many times I had to stop shooting to let the camera  catch up writing to the memory card.       RJ was extremely helpful.     As the bear moved ahead of me, RJ would slowly move the car forward so I was always in my protective little coccoon.

The bear always became very attentive when a motorcycle went by.    Otherwise, he ignored the traffic and my camera sounds.

We are moving on to Bozeman....................


  1. Gee it's too bad you didn't get a pic of a grizzly during your visit. LOL. You are way too brave.

  2. Those are fabulous shots. I'm so relieved to hear you were still (at least somewhat) inside of your car and safe.