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Friday, July 10, 2015

Waterton - Our Final Day

Today we decided to drive to some of the outlying areas of Waterton Park.

Our first stop on the Akamina Parkway was Cameron Lake.      This is a sub alpine lake that reaches depths of more than 130 feet.     Most of the lakes we have seen on this trip have lots of glacier and snow run off and are too cold to be enjoyed.     Cameron Lake, however, is a fun family lake, much like we would see back in the midwest.       There is also a nice gentle hike for one mile along the west shore.      It was a beautiful walk - I especially appreciated a break from the mountain inclines we usually have on our walks.

If you look carefully in the background you can see all the people on the beach.

Our next spot was at the end of the Red Rock Canyon Parkway.       What a fun place for families. This canyon is a water carved gorge where the bedrock contains a high concentration of iron.    The iron oxidizes and turns red when exposed to air.     The rock literally rusts.

As you can see, it is a very popular place for entire families to hike up the gorge over the rocks and shallow water.

I had to give you one final bear picture from Canada.     I had never seen a bear sleeping high up in a tree, but now I have.

This family of mountain goats came down out of the mountains, crossed the parkway and stopped right by our car.     There were close to 20 in the group.

Karen, can you explain what is happening to his coat?

We are off to Bozeman, Montana with visits to Yellowstone.     Because of the July 4th holiday we were unable to get any rooms around Glacier NP like we had hoped.    (Yes, I am behind on my posts, we entered the U.S.A. on July 4th)

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  1. It's been a great trip, but it probably feels good to be back in the USA.