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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Myrtle Beach, SC

We have arrived in Myrtle Beach.      The location of the condo is exactly what I wanted.      We are ocean front, 11th floor and all we see when sitting on the deck is a little shrubbery, sand and the ocean.      I don’t seem to get much reading done, though.    I just sit there and enjoy the sound of the waves and the beautiful view.         Three weeks may not be enough!

We are walking on the beach each morning and again before Happy Hour.     (okay, RJ skipped the second walk today because of football).      The temps have been in the high 80’s, so the surf is very warm.     For those of you familiar with the Ste. Maarten fiasco, I am happy to report that I am again able to walk in the surf.     Haven’t tried going out into the waves, but will work toward that.

The sunsets are nice - nothing phenomoninal yet, but I am confident it will get even better.    And, if not, who is going to criticize these colors and the joy of enjoying this every evening!

Today there was a wedding on a patio a few floors below us.     I can see this area when I am standing at the deck railing.      Sorry, no actual wedding pictures  (we went out for dinner) but we watched Friday night’s rehearsal and the post wedding photo shoot.

It is fun watching the couple set up all the umbrellas and chairs for the day.     I have yet to see them take it down - must be walking or happy hour time!

Tonight there are many people in the dark surf with flashlights aimed at the wet sand .     I have no idea what they are hunting but I presume it is some type of seafood.     Any ideas?

There are also a couple people on the beach shooting off fireworks.       What a fun surprise.     Apparently it is a safety hazard, though.      The local police car just came driving down the beach.     I presume they gave the people a verbal warning as they packed up their supplies and left the beach.      No excitement, except for a few “boo’s”  because the fireworks were stopped.    Fun while it lasted!

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  1. Sounds like you honeymooners are enjoying the surf, sand and sea...