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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This morning started with the most incredible site.     Three dolphins playing in the surf.      Our host had said they are frequently out there, but this is the first time I have seen them for myself.     What a great way to start the day!      I wasn't quick enough to get photos, though.      Some things are just meant to be enjoyed

RJ and I decided to visit the Boardwalk.     Walked around, skipped the shops and found an outdoor restaurant for lunch.     Mid-week in September is obviously not their busiest time......

I’m looking for a volunteer to visit and go on the SlingShot ride with me.     For some reason RJ says “no way”.      I’ll even pay the admission fee for both of us.    Any takers?      (No one was riding during our visit or I would have had a photo to show you – really, it looks like fun!)

I'm not sure why they are dredging here, but they were certainly busy.

We are increasing the length of our walks each day.      There is nothing like walking in the surf and breathing that fresh salt air.   

Some people write HUGE messages in the sand      Happy Anniversary to you, too!      For a size perspective,  that's about 25 beach chairs stacked in the lower right hand corner.

The beach changes color as the sunset/happy hour progresses.      It's fun to watch.

Gourmet dinner tonight – BLT’s.     We have a kitchen so it was time for the “little woman” to do some cooking.    Hopefully I haven’t over extended myself with this meal………………


  1. I think you'd better sit and put your feet up after all that hard work in the kitchen.

  2. Nothing like a BLT with the last of the ripened tomatoes of the season...