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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zion - The Waterfall

We go back to Zion every year.      It's a fun one or two night get away.      

This waterfall is the star of this post.     You will see it in one form or another in all the pictures today.    

There are three levels of pools that come down this mountain face.    You can see the top ledge and the middle one.     The water cascades down each level.

This is the first year that we are able to walk behind the falls by the lower pool.     Although it is only February 19th, there is no ice closing the trail.     What a treat!

I am behind the falls looking down on the lower pool.     Okay, it's not great falls or pools like we are used to in the UP of Michigan or Northern MN and WI, but we are in a desert.      It's thrilling just to see water......

RJ has the camera, so he caught me taking a break on the hike up to the Middle Pools.      The trail wasn't this clear all the way but it was a lot of upward climbing.    

There were two pools at the middle level.  

The pool in the previous picture drips over the ledge creating part of the waterfall that we walked behind.

The falls created from that dripping pool.

On the trip back down I snapped this - I love the simplicity of it.

Tomorrow - more pictures from Zion

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  1. Zion is a treasure trove to be enjoyed. Lovely shots, you're right about the last oen - simply stunning.