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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Hiking in Red Rock is always fun (at least before the summer heat arrives).      A lot of people do rock climbing, but the only part that looks like fun is rappelling down.      Too much work getting up there.    I like what they do on Amazing Race – you take an elevator to the top of a building and rappel down.    That I would do!

Despite being in a desert, you can find water (and trees) if you know which trail to take.     

You can even find a 15 foot waterfall.     Okay, I have to confess, RJ took this picture.     The climb out onto that rock to get the shot looked a little dangerous with my balance issues.  

If you get to Las Vegas, this is a beautiful park to drive through and enjoy and it’s just a couple miles outside the city.     No hiking (or rock climbing) is necessary to see the beauty of this park.


  1. That is such a pretty area, I'm glad we got to explore it the last time we were out that way.

  2. Nice rocks. Thanks for sharing your outing and the beauty of the desert!