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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Irish Wives Garden Club Reunited

The Irish Wives Garden Club was a much loved group.      It was obviously a garden club and was very selective in who was admitted,  so much so that the club only had the two originating members.    It was in existence for several years.      We had a 3-ring binder to hold minutes of our meetings along with brochures of new nurseries that we found in our travels.      We thought nothing of driving down to Iowa to get a single plant from the breeder.     We knew all the plant stops between Onalaska and Minneapolis, as well as all of them once we arrived.     We covered most of the state of Wisconsin looking for those perfect plants.      If we happened upon a small nursery that wasn't open that day, we would tour it anyway.      Once, we bought plants from a nursery after hours and just left the money for them.

Our husband's never understood how we could start out at 7 am, spend all day together, arrive back at 9 pm and still sit in the drive way to continue talking.

As often happens, however, the club eventually broke up.      It's hard to continue in the quest for the perfect plant when Irish Wife #1 sold her home and RV's full time around the country.      Then, Irish Wife #2 sold her home and travels the world full time.

This past week, we found ourselves within a few hours of each other.    RJ and I hopped in our car and drove to Mesa.

May I introduce the two Irish Men and their (formerly gardening) wives.   I'm not sure why RJ was pulling Cheryl's hair.......

Lake Havasu City is always a favorite stop when we are traveling south of Las Vegas.     We took the long way back after visiting Mesa and enjoyed the oasis for a couple hours.

I saw this t-shirt in a window and couldn't resist taking a picture.


  1. In my opinion everybody needs an Irish Wives Club whether or not there's any Irish blood within any of them. So glad that you made the Mesa field trip as I bet you returned back to Las Vegas with a full heart after a Queen Jester fix.

    1. It was a wonderful "fix". There's nothing quite like time with her!

  2. I have no idea what Bob was doing to my hair, never felt him. Please tell him to keep his hands to himself! The Queen is not amused....although it's hard to argue that with my big smile.