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Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Friday Celebrations

First Friday celebrations on Fremont Street are quite entertaining (in a variety of ways).
This musician works out of the back of a nice pickup truck and is probably the most
talented performer out there tonight.

 Exhibitionists abound!    

This kiosk is quite popular with people getting an oxygen hit.     Has anyone done this?      What does it do for you?      I'm not quite sure where the "spa" is.     Perhaps I don't want to know.......

Does this guy crave attention?     Does he really think people will mistake him for a Hollywood legend?

Yes, people bring their kids down here, so they need entertainers, too.

This guy is really good with spray paint and pieces of heavy stock paper.      His pictures are popular souvenirs, but I don't know how he can stand all the fumes.  

Money is changing hands, but it's for the chance to have his photo taken with them (I think)

 Who is this guy pretending to be????    Oh wait, it's the real RJ

Wouldn't you be proud to share this photo with your golf/poker buddies.....

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  1. You are definitely in the land of the strange and bizarre.