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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

On the Road Again ... Door County is calling!

We are spending a few days in Sister Bay on Door County.     My first stop has to be Pipka's shop.     I have been collecting their Santa's for many years.   ( )    Most of mine are ornament size, but I must have a hundred of them.     Each is only available for a year or two, so they entice you to visit their website every December (or year round if you plan ahead).    Plus, you get free shipping on St. Nicholas Day.    

There is a Swedish Restaurant in town, complete with five goats munching on the roofline.

Our choice for this evening, though, is a place called Fred & Fuzzy's.      It's a bit hard to find, although you wouldn't guess so based on the crowd size.     It's all outdoors, including the kitchen.    Our wait was only 25 minutes, just time to sit back and enjoy the view.

Our appetizer was a smoked salmon plate.    It was incredible!     Wish we had ordered two and skipped the perch, which was good, but......

We stayed for sunset as we had a waterfront table - just lucked out on that one!      A young girl was concentrating very hard on mastering her paddle board.

This sailboat made many trips back and forth.

A perfect sunset to cap off a fun day.

Tomorrow, more exploration on this fun peninsula that we first visited in the mid 70's.  


  1. great photos as always. My favorite spot is an antique store called the Blue Moon if I remember right.

  2. Always beautiful sunsets in Door County...