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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Evening on the River.....................

We had plans with very good friends for tonight, but they had to be cancelled this morning.      As fate would have it, we got a call about noon from Kathy asking if we wanted to go out on the river.     Perfect!

We are in the back waters of the Mississippi River north of the I-90 bridge.

The water was so still.    Love the reflections.

This is the spillway.     The water is very high from recent rains.     The water above the spillway is Lake Onalaska.

We were taking sides as to whether a large white object by the island was a bird or kayak.     It was a very large bird.

The red flowers on the shore  (albeit submerged with the high water) were beautiful.     They were a very vibrant, clear red.

This photo was "borrowed" from Don's FB post.     It was a very fun evening.     Thank you Don and Kathy for the invitation!


  1. This has been the best weather for such activities. The river looks nice. It will be good to be parked near it next year and enjoy its beauty.