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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway

Today we took a drive North on the Blue Ridge Parkway.      This was a quick change of plans from Transylvania to do the waterfall tour, but they were still under a flood warning.  

Doesn't this tree look like a person with crazy hair who is outdoors picking up brush?     Or maybe a robot with crazy hair?      Or, me with crazy hair doing fall clean up in my former gardens?

 We packed a lunch and found this picnic area.     Too bad some of the trees were finished with their autumn show.       The weather was perfect for a picnic, though.

Finally, a waterfall.    It's usually dry this time of year, but all that rain brought it back to life.     This waterfall is a mile away.      I zoomed in as far as I could with the lens I was using.

The skies were beautiful.

The color isn't quite this marked in Asheville yet.      Good thing we have three more weeks here!

Yes, these are trees, not flowering shrubs.

Tomorrow I meet up with my close friend from Onalaska.     She is in the area for a couple weeks so we are going exploring - just like the old plant shopping days.......