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Monday, October 19, 2015

Biltmore Estate Gardens

October may not be the optimal time to visit these gardens, but they were impressive anyway.     I never planted mums at home  (by autumn we were usually traveling so why add to the clean up later). They do them in mass plantings here, and they are lovely.

These plantings continue over a large area and are also on the other side of this huge pergola.

At the edge of the rose gardens is this Conservatory.    I will share tropical pictures from inside on tomorrow's post.

It is not prime season for the roses, but there were enough still blooming to get a feel for the beauty of the rose gardens.     I particularly liked this simple rose.    It reminds me of one of the Dr Buck roses I grew in my gardens.     For those of you in colder climates, Dr Buck was with Iowa State University and developed an incredible array of easy to care for roses.     Let me know if you want more information or just google him.  

This partciular rose was my favorite in the garden.   I photographed it on both days we walked here.  It's labeled    Stokes     Hybrid Tea     A. Perry    1982

A little fall color

I loved the back lighting on this tree.    It seems to glow.

There is a large Azalea garden - fortunately a few of them do a repeat bloom in the fall.

Tomorrow, the tropicals in the Conservatory and some history about the vast acreage and forests.............

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  1. To heck with the house...the gardens are spectacular. When we visited before I don't recall seeing the gardens, so it must have been before the gardening bug bit me and it just wasn't on my radar. Lovely setting.