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Monday, April 25, 2016

Nuwuvi Seven Stones

We recently visited the Spring Mountains just outside Las Vegas.  

One unique area at the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway is the Seven Stones Plaza that celebrates indigenous people - seven Southern Paiute tribes known collectively as Nuwuvi   (meaning the people).      This spot celebrates their long standing ancestral relationship with their creation place in these mountains.

The plaza's center stone (above) represents Nuvagantu, which is a point in the Spring Mountains landscape.  

The seven stones surrounding the center stone symbolize each southern Paiute tribe.     The meandering rainwater channels depict the rivers and trails on the landscape and reinforce the never-ending connections between each tribe and the center of the world (or center stone).

There is also a small and very beautiful amphitheater.      

According to tribal elders, Nuwuvi have been a part of this landscape since the beginning of time.

I'll have more pictures of this area and the mountains in the days to come.


  1. Pretty area. They added three cabins to this campground. I'll ask to see the inside to see if it might work for you and get prices.

  2. After all the time we spent in the area, we never even knew of this place. Sorry, we won't see it now. Are you planning on going to year end LACC, I have the info in case you don't. We can sit together if you like. It's at the Shrine restaurant.