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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Farewell to Asheville.................

The car is packed and we will be leaving Asheville in an hour or so.     It has been a very fun (albeit wet) visit.     Asheville is an incredible town.     The downtown reminds me so much of European cities.    It is vibrant every day of the week and every hour of the day.      Lots of outdoor seating for food and brew;  after all, we are in a much milder climate than Wisconsin.     We are on the edge of the mountains, so the natural beauty of the area is incredible.      We have found the people to be welcoming and friendly.     

There are 50 microbreweries, yes, 50!     We didn’t visit them all, but we did our best.     Some are fancy, others are very earthy.     Of course, most are in between.      The Arts community here is extremely active.     I confess, I only bought one bracelet, but if we had a permanent home there would have been several additions.      If we end up in this part of the U.S., I will return to make one-of-a-kind purchases.  

Did we find our future home;  sadly, no.      With all the pluses, it has one giant minus.     The streets/roads.       I don’t know if it’s because of the mountains, the age of the community, or poor planning, but driving here is a nightmare.    Very narrow streets.     They are all windy and curvy.    The interstate system in the greater city is also a nightmare.    Left lane ends, right lane ends.     Entrances and exits are a study in confusion.     Even if I lived here for many years, I would need GPS to get from Point A to Point B.      If it’s hard now, I can’t imagine it when I’m ten years older.   Therefore, I can’t live here.    Darn! 

However, if you haven’t visited this city, I would highly recommend it.    Spend a few days, wander around.    If you can visit for the Craft Fair ( in July and October) put on by the Southern Highland Craft Guild, you are in for a treat.    As members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, the exhibition artists have passed a rigorous jury process to become a part of the organization.   This show is of the very highest quality and very diverse.    

Don’t forget The Biltmore Estate.      I wasn’t too sure about going there, but check out earlier postings, it was incredible.     Shopping (other than the Craft Fair) is poor, but even I can live with that shortcoming.     There’s even a very large casino an hour’s drive away.     As I said, something for everyone.    

We are off to Raleigh for a couple weeks.     More explorations and future home research.        Plus, one of my favorite stores ever – Southern Season.      

Ron and Mary have graciously opened their home to us for this extended visit – fun is guaranteed!

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  1. It's good to have been there and ruled it out than to have always wondered. You are so right, if the roads were better and driving not such a nightmare, it'd be a charming area to live in.