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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It Was Meant To Be

After reading the book, RJ and I decided it was time.      We would put the house on the market next spring and go from there.     At a neighborhood pool party I shared this decision.    Imagine my surprise when one of the neighbors showed up the next morning with a friend who wanted to tour the house.     Nice lady, but I thought no more of it…….until the doorbell rang an hour later.    The lady had returned with her husband for another tour.   Mmmmm      This is really getting interesting.    At the end of the tour, the husband asks that we give them a couple days to think about it and asked that we arrive at a selling price.      Wait a minute, the house isn’t even on the market, we aren’t ready, are we really sure we want to do this?  
Well, at the end of the two days they signed our homemade sales agreement.      We had four weeks to sort thru 45 years of stuff.    We gave away most of our furniture and sold the rest.      There were many many trips to goodwill and the dump.    What we ended up with fits comfortably in our 10x10 storage unit.      At lunch one day we mentioned to a friend that we were looking for a furnished apartment to rent for three months.      Guess what – he has a condo he’s not using.      We are set.

I’m a believer in the philosophy that if things fall in place very easily, it was meant to be.    I think this adventure was meant to be.       Now all I have to do is plan our first adventure ….. Western Europe