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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trees arrive.......................

We are getting two large palms  (along with 3 additional crew members)

The Canary Palm   (also called Pineapple Palm) is going in the backyard corner bed where we can see it from the lanai.     This is my favorite item of everything being planted today.      We were able to tag the trees/plants we wanted at the nursery a few days earlier.

At this point the tractor is still hooked to the tree until the crew stabilizes it and Susan is satisfied that it is positioned correctly.

They keep the fronds tied together until it is completely planted, etc.

The sod cutter is back in business.     The bed is at least doubled from the original size.     A little more fine tuning of the shape  (at my request) and we are set.     RJ knows me so well.     He says that we can always adjust it later if I want.     It's easy to cut out sod.  

It's time for the big reveal - the cords are cut...........

What do you think?      I can certainly understand why they kept it tied until now!

It's now time to install the Sylvester Palm by the guest room window out front.

The process is the same, but this palm is a bit smaller and easier to manage.

The reveal.....  

The rest of the afternoon  (til Happy Hour) was spent planting all the smaller plants/trees and laying the pine straw.

Tomorrow's blog will be the finished product.      We love it .........

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  1. You are having too much fun with your tropical plants! It's looking good and I'm certain it's enhancing an already impressive view.