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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Adventure on the Parkway................................

We were approaching one of the look out points when I see two very unusual vehicles.      This first one is owned by a British photographer for a major U.K. magazine.       He must be very good since they shipped his "car" over for him to use on this assignment.

He has a seat belt, but if he is not wearing it he must wear the motorcycle helmet.      If you look carefully on the box with British decor you will see one of his remote cameras.     He also has one on his helmet.

The second car belongs to a retired couple from Washington State.      They plan their trips  (in the U.S. and Canada) based on scavenger hunts from some group they belong to.     They travel independently to complete their hunt.  

They have covered all but a small handful of States and Provinces over the past few years.       They usually stay at hostels while they travel.      Not bad for a couple who appeared to be easily pushing 70.

Next on our agenda - a single day in Asheville then on to an overdue visit with our great friends in Raleigh   ......................


  1. You do meet some interesting folks out there on the road.

  2. The UK car looks just like the soap box derby cars my son would make as a cub scout! Cool cars.