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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Heading South out of Tofte...............

Our trip to the North Shore continues south out of Tofte.        The Temperance River (like all the other rivers in this area) flows into Lake Superior.      This picture was taken from the foot bridge that crosses the River.  

Temperance River Falls  - looking from the car bridge you see these falls and the foot bridge.  This is one of my favorite spots on Hwy 61.

Cross River Falls is another falls that is visible from the bridge.     This area requires very little effort on your part to see these beautiful displays.

Caribou Falls  --  How can a 1/2 mile hike (all uphill) seem soooooooooo much longer than the same trail heading back down to the car?      Did I mention a bunch of stairs going down to view the falls?  To top it off, I didn't even get a decent picture.

Beaver Falls  -- another wonderful falls viewed from the bridge.    

One of the neatest things here is when you cross the road and look down at this mild stream that empties into Lake Superior.      It's hard to believe it's the same stream that was so turbulent just a few feet early.     There's a lot of calming down occurring under that bridge!

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  1. You must feel in your glory to have all these waterfalls to enjoy.