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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Flora in Death Valley

The google posts said it was hard to find flowers this year if you didn't go off road, but all of these photos were taken from a main road (or by walking a short distance into an adjacent area) in Death Valley.      Granted, there weren't many flowers if you used the main entrance and visited the popular areas.   We like to enter near Pahrump.     That choice of entry points paid off.

RJ continues to be a good scout.      He found this incredible field of cacti.     It was very hard narrowing it down to just three pictures.

Til next year........

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  1. These are just stunning! We're going to have to stay out there longer next time to take in some of these sights. There is an Escapee park in Pahrump. Not sure how far away that is from you...but it might be an option for our next visit and then you can show me where these beauties are located!