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Sunday, March 19, 2017

BOBCAT - very close ..........

Bob and I had been watching this animal with the binoculars as it made its way closer and closer to our house while it walked the perimeter of the preserve.

Okay, the pictures are bad, but it was sunset (thus poor light)  and I was nervous.      This Bobcat was very close to our house, and of course I was outside trying to get a great shot.   Granted, I was elevated a bit and there is a minor fence, but ....     Look at his/her hind legs and you will understand why I wasn't sure I should be that close.     Serious muscles there......

There were several minutes   (okay maybe 1 or 2)  of eye to eye contact.....

Right after I took this shot it crouched down and jutted his head toward me.    I broke eye contact and walked (didn't run) away.

I don't think I will be that foolish again  (then again, ......... )

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  1. Yikes! That's exciting. I figured you'd probably see some alligators, but not bobcats...that's very rare.