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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

30 Days Later.............

Yes, we've been in our new home for 30 days now.      I thought I would give you a run down on our activities for that month.

First and foremost, RJ's charge card has had quite the work out:   (over and above Christmas shopping)

 Ordered two new cabinets for kitchen,   washer/dryer,  2 sets of mattresses, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, pull down stairs to the attic, pest control contract,  55" tv,  43" tv, wifi & cable, registered car, new driver's licenses, registered to vote, contracted for poured edging for lots of shrubbery, etc., contracted for new palm trees, etc.,  contract for donuts to be installed on our sprinkler heads, toaster, coffee maker, Margaritaville drink maker  (yes, it was necessary - the blender died making my first pina colada), mixing bowls, storage bowls   (yes, I really got rid of lots and lots of things when I packed up 3 years ago!),  sheets, pillows,  PLUS.....

Table with 4 chairs for lanai plus chair, ottoman and side table for my reading relaxation:

Entertainment center, sofa and end tables, two side chairs:

Dining room set (the bar stools for the counter are on order - they match these chairs):

Master bedroom set, chair and ottoman:     The chair picture was taken before the bedroom furniture was delivered - the cardboard box is gone and I do have an end table on this side of the bed.

Desk, chair, lamps and bookcase for the den:    (the only room in the house with lamps)

The entry may be bare for a while..............

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but you get the general idea - all we did was shop!!!!!

This is where we spend all of our time!!!

Next month:   golf cart, lamps, guest room furniture, area rugs and accessories.      Hopefully at a more relaxed pace!


  1. Isn't it fun spending money? I love this new setting up of a house.

  2. I hope you used a "Miles" card so you can fly around the world free!
    Thanks for sharing the beginnings of your "new" life at the Villages.

  3. It looks wonderful, Marti. Sounds like you are moving right along. Happy New Year.