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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Football Day - Time to Taste Some Wine .............................

The wineries in the Finger Lakes Region are so much fun.      You get a real wine glass plus 5 (or 6) samples for $3 - $5.   Lots of friendly chatter and they are happy to answer your questions.     

Today we are doing Seneca Lake, which is the most significant of the 10 lakes.      It is also the deepest lake at 618 feet deep and it is 36 miles long.      There are a large number of vineyards around the lake.   We will admire most from the road, but have a few stops we want to make.

The town of Geneva (13,200 residents plus two colleges) is a community primarily constructed in the 1860's.     You forget that most of the NE part of the country respects these old homes/buildings and they are well maintained for daily use.      We determined that this large home on the lakefront is a summer home based on how closed up it appeared but still had impeccible landscaping.

Our must stop location is the Fox Run Vineyards.      We had stopped here for lunch in 2010 and  we both wanted to return.     If you see me on FB, this is the lunch I posted.    Their wine selection is limited, but they have a small, well stocked deli for lunch.

We decided to skip the samples and just purchased a bottle for lunch.    Did you notice the bag of chips?     We haven't tried them yet   (they just don't go with quiche).    They are sweet corn chips.   Sounds interesting, right?

After the wine and lunch, we visited the two wineries recommended by our new "volcano follower" friends from yesterday.  

This Wisconsin girl, however, can only take so much wine before she needs a beer.    Fortunately there are a few microbrews in the area!

More exploration tomorrow..............................

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