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Friday, September 23, 2016

Brews and Brushes......

Something new for us!     A local Raleigh brewpub collaborated with the Cary Arts Center to create an evening of Brews and Brushes.      The bar was open and we were encouraged to partake.

 The word "Art" might be a stretch for some of the paintings that came out of this, but others weren't too bad.     Fifteen artists tried their hand at creating a masterpiece.

The theme tonight was  "Paint Your Pride" by creating a football helmet.    

Can you guess who created this masterpiece?      You are correct if you said "Not Marti !!!"

Another masterpiece and the first one done in our group........

What can I say - some artists think real football even when being creative!

This artist forgot to sign their masterpiece - it was later signed "Grandma"

Anyone want to hire us to create artwork for your home ?????????

The next challenge:    Getting four wet oil paintings home (an hour's drive) without smearing them!