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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Split Rock Lighthouse ..........

Split Rock Lighthouse    --   A single, ferocious storm on Lake Superior in 1905 sent six ships to the cold depths of the lake in this area.     This lighthouse was constructed to deter future tragedies.     It was closed down and converted to a Historic Site in 1971.        This lighthouse is considered the most popular one in the entire country.

This picture was taken from a wayside on Hwy 61, but you can go to the Lighthouse for tours or obtain access to a picnic area.    

Illgen Falls is in the Tettegouche State Park.     My Minnesota Waterfalls book gave directions to this one as it is not accessible from Hwy 61.     There's parking for 4-5 cars on the side of the road but you can easily miss the small sign identifying it as part of the State Park.      There's no sign for the falls, just a trail.     This one had me traversing a rough trail, climbing on rocks and leaning out over the water while RJ held on to my waist band for protection.  

I know the sky and clouds look fake, but that is exactly the way they came out of the camera.   It was a beautiful day!

We hiked/climbed downstream a bit to find this second falls.     Imagine the locations I could get to if I didn't have major balance issues!

Our return visit to the North Shore of Minnesota is now complete.     I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of these beautiful waterfalls that I will never be able to "traverse"!