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Friday, April 29, 2016

Target Practice, Anyone?

Toward the end of our drive through the Spring Mountains, we pulled off to eat our lunch.     As usual, I needed to walk around to see what I could find.

The shell casings   (is that the correct term???)  below grabbed my attention right away.

A couple feet away, I found these.     Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

A few more feet and I found this collection...........

Followed by a fairly new pair of jeans.................     At this point I'm looking around to be sure there are no other people in sight - especially anyone with a weapon.       Did the owner of these jeans run so fast they fell off him???

Let's play it safe and go back to flowers - enough drama!

Look at the number of buds on this plant.     Fantastic.

Don't know if I'm late or early for these blooms....

Fairwell to the Spring Mountains - except as a distant view from Vegas!


  1. Very interesting finds. The bullet casings I could almost understand if someone was doing some target practice, but the jeans?

  2. It's so strange what folks leave behind...