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Monday, January 18, 2016

Who knew we'd run into snow in New Mexico.............

I'd forgotten about these pictures I took on the drive out to Las Vegas.      Our normal route through Denver and the mountains looked pretty iffy (weather wise) so we took the southern route.    I've spent very little time in New Mexico, but the image I had was adobe homes and desert - hot desert.

Imagine my surprise when we ran into this sight.     Maybe because it was so unexpected, but it was absolutely beautiful with the vibrant blue skies  and the snow covered trees.      (Or maybe it was beautiful because in a few hours we would be in our much warmer winter home)

How often do you see this kind of snowfall while the sky is so blue?

Actually, it was not snowing.      The car's driver (not me) will never be accused of over using the windshield washer.     These "snowflakes" are really dirt on the windshield that is being highlighted by the bright sun.       RJ is always looking for ways to save money !!!

We arrived to below normal temperatures (mid 50's) but this week we are in the 60's.    I even wore sandals yesterday.     This is much better.................


  1. Good to hear you arrived safely. We are in jeans and sweatshirts today, El Nino is throwing cold and storms our way this week.

  2. Well we do call you snowbirds. So glad the temps are rising for all of us. These negative numbers are not even for the birds. We actually hit a double digit in the positives.